Precautions for the Use of Induction Tops

Precautions for the Use of Induction Tops

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Precautions for the use of induction cookers
1, Induction cooker must be cleaned and checked before use
If the induction cooker is not used for a long time,when re-enabled, be sure to remember to clean and check.
It is best to wipe the furnace surface with a wrung cloth, but also to check the induction cooker power supply.
And repair or replace any damage in time.

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2. Place it flat
If the tabletop is uneven, the gravity of the pot will force the furnace body to be deformed or even damaged.
If the tabletop is tilted, the microshock generated by the pan can easily cause the pan to slip out.

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3.Make sure stomata is unobstructed
When placing induction cooker, we should ensure that the furnace body into and vent holes without any object to block.
When induction top at work, if the built-in fan does not work, it should be immediately stop use and timely maintenance.

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4.The pot must not weigh too much
Induction cooker bearing weight is limited, generally even pot with food should not exceed 5 kilograms.
The bottom of the pot should not be too small, in order to make electromagnetic furnace face pressure unapt overweight, too concentrated.

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5.Press the button gently and neatly
Induction cooker buttons are light touch type, use light touch light press.
When the button is activated, the finger should be removed.
Do not hold on to avoid damaging reeds and conductive contacts.

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6.Stop use immediately if the furnace surface is damaged
The surface of induction cooker is usually crystallized ceramic plate.
It is fragile and should be stopped if damaged.

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