Is Induction Cooker Energy Saving

Is Induction Cooker Energy Saving

Is Induction Cooker Energy Saving

Induction cookers don't consume too much power.Induction cooker is a large user of electricity, but because of the heating up quickly, the price of electricity is relatively low, calculated, the cost is cheaper than gas, natural gas.

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Induction cooker system uses the coil to generate the alternating magnetic field of low frequency (20~25KHZ) under the action of the control circuit, and a large number of dense eddy currents are generated through the magnetic conduction (iron) pot, and the induced current is converted into heat to heat food, with high energy efficiency.Use iron, special stainless steel or iron baking enamel pan, and the diameter of the bottom of the pot to 12~26 cm is appropriate.Induction cooker with temperature controller, can prevent overheating, save electricity and safety.

Induction furnace is the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, reducing the heat transfer of the middle link, so its thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%.Energy saving than electric furnace 60%;Than other electrical heating kitchenware energy saving 15-25%;Compared with liquid gas energy saving 35%, the use of more economical.

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The advantages of induction cooker are shown in its high thermal efficiency, electricity saving and economy.Take the use of electricity to boil water:

It takes only 2 minutes and 10 seconds to raise a kilogram of clean water from room temperature to 100 degrees Celsius using a 2600W induction cooker, which consumes 0.11 degrees of power and costs 0.0386 yuan.Ordinary gas takes 20 minutes, consumes about 10 liters of gas and costs 0.423 yuan (the above data is provided by the Beijing Power Supply Bureau).In this way, a family of three according to each meal two stir-fries, a pot of rice calculation, according to most regional standards of 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour calculation, induction cooker to do a meal of fuel costs 0.3 yuan, about 250 yuan per year.According to the gas per bottle 50 yuan, 10 bottles a year, calculate down a year induction cooker can save 200 to 300 yuan.

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Electromagnetism furnace saves electricity and saves energy

The high power induction cooker heating speed is fast, but the power consumption is also large.When using the induction cooker to heat the pot, the high power should be used to heat the pot first, so that the speed is fast.When the pot once boiling pot, such as no special requirements, should be timely to the power block to small block, in order to make the pot can keep boiling pot, especially in cooking porridge, soup, hot pot should be so.Because the power block is not only a waste of electricity, but also make the soup in a large fire under the intense boiling, which in case of overflow will be dangerous and make the bottom of the rice crust.

The pot with high efficiency of electric heating conversion has induction cooker is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction, so that the metal body that can guide magnetism produces induction current in alternating magnetic field, produce thermal effect, to heat and cook food.Therefore, induction cooker should use the container made of materials with better magnetic conductivity, such as iron, cast iron, iron stainless steel pot, and the bottom is the pot containing iron materials.In short, in the choose and buy pot, should choose iron content, high sealing degree of the pot cover is better (such as the use of stainless steel pressure cooker for induction cooker), at the same time, the choose and buy pot should be flat bottom, its area is not less than 12cm×12cm, with induction cooker surface area almost wide as well.In this way, induction cooker can achieve high electric heating conversion efficiency, cooking speed efficiency.

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When heating food, we should pay attention to the method of heating the food to be heated. Try not to heat the food in large pieces or whole. It is best to decompose it into small pieces or thin bars.When cooking rice, it is best to soak the rice for five minutes before electrify it.And pay attention to how much food you need to heat how much, especially in boiling water, soup and so on, more attention should be paid to do too much to eat (use) not over, naturally cause a lot of energy waste.Additional, if there is short time inside the pot when making soup the food that cooks hard, a little water should be put less when heating beginning, after cooking food first, add sufficient soup water again, can save a lot of electric energy and time so.Compared with ordinary electric stoves, induction cooker has many obvious advantages.One of the most important is in the correct, reasonable use, can achieve energy saving, high efficiency.




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