Infrared Cooker by Hinco

Infrared Cooker by Hinco

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What is an Infrared Cooker

Induction cooker plays a very important role in our life, but with the increasingly high requirements of people's use now, there is a better electrical appliance, that is, infrared cooker. I believe that many people do not know what is infrared cooker. So am I before i sold infrared cooker. I just know induction cooker and only use induction cooker before. Infrared cooker look similar to induction cooker on the surface but they are much different inside.

The infrared cooker is a kind of stove equipment which converts electric energy into heat energy by using electric heat flux effect. It simply heats the panel first, and then heats the pan.It is made of halogen lamp and metal/coil that generate heat.

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Why said infrared cooker is better than induction cooker. There are some benefits as below:

  1. More pans are suitable, as long as they are flat bottomed, regardless of metal or ceramic or glass.
  2. The heating temperature is uniform, mild and more lasting.Steady fire, no pot, no black pot.
  3. Because the heating principle is different, the infrared cookerconducts heat to the cooker vertically, so the heat will not spread around. It is very friendly to people who like to cook in summer, and there is no hot air coming on their faces.
  4. The radiation is very small, close to no radiation.
  5. Suitable for frying, stewing and baking these cooking methods.

The great thing about infrared cookers is that they are highly energy-efficient and very easy to use. On the other hand, infrared cooker has a longer lifespan compared to induction cooker. While induction cooker maybe last five to six years on average, an infrared cooker can serve you up to ten years. However, the exact lifespan will depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the product, as well as how well you maintain it.

I think infrared cooker will be more popular day by day as an alternative to gas and induction cooker because of their heat efficiency and versatility. It will be a good helper of the kitchen.The infrared cooker by Hinco, different types, different designs, different models for your reference.

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