Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

The working principle of Induction cooker

In recent years, hot pot has been favored by countless young people.Because people is opposite the demand of chafing dish is larger, so most people can buy induction cooker to cook chafing dish by oneself in the home to eat.So, what is the working principle of induction cooker?

In fact, the work of the induction cooker is mainly using the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat food.The furnace surface of the induction cooker adopts a heat-resistant ceramic plate. When alternating current is used, the coil below the ceramic plate produces a magnetic field, and then the magnetic field line directly passes through the iron pot. When the stainless steel reaches the bottom, the eddy current will be generated, so that the bottom of the pot will immediately heat up, and then the food can be heated quickly.

How To Cook Steak In A Pan On An Induction Cooker Supplier

Note the use of Induction cooker

  1. The tabletop that places induction cooker wants level off, the gravity that the pot has when using otherwise can make induction cooker is out of shape even damage.It is also easy to make the pot slip out and dangerous.
  2. The induction cooker that is not used for a long time must be cleaned and checked when it is reused.Wipe the furnace surface with a wrung cloth and check whether the power supply is damaged.If the furnace surface is damaged, stop using immediately.
  3. Ensure that the inlet and exhaust holes of the induction cooker are smooth. If the built-in fan is not turned during the use process, stop using it immediately and maintain it in time.Do not hold the button while pressing it. After starting the button, the finger should leave to avoid damaging the reed and conductive contactDSCF4349
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